At Fremont, we place the jewelry profession at the heart of our activity. The artisan jeweler is in the field of jewelry, he is at the origin of unique and tailor-made pieces, faithful to the deepest dreams of his customers. He knows the material and the stones, analyzes them and understands them to better reveal them. More than a piece of jewelry, jewelry creation carries with it a strong image, that of finesse and elegance, that of presence and Made in France charm. It is neither trivial to wear a jewelry creation, nor trivial to create it. What is the essence of the jeweler's profession? What does the work of matter really consist of? It’s a matter of ancestral know-how, which we are going to tell you about here.


If the know-how of the master jeweler is so precious, it is because it encompasses a multitude of skills specific to the understanding and working of precious materials, metals, stones and pearls. It is an artistic and precision profession, which requires advanced knowledge and extreme attention to detail from those who work on it.

Selection of stones and metals suitable for the creation or transformation of a unique piece, composition of alloys, melting of metals with a view to giving them a second life... all this is part of the craftsman jeweler's job. And more !

Because in the case of a jewelry transformation, it must also determine the constraints of the piece. How hard is this stone? Are all shapes allowed? If so, which one will best reflect the client's desire? Selecting the right stone, the right precious metal is not just an aesthetic choice. Most jewelry pieces are custom created, so they have a sentimental value that cannot be overlooked.

Once the selection work is done, the master jeweler's job is to set the precious and semi-precious stones. Nothing is lost. Nothing is created. Everything is transformed. This is our slogan, an anthem that we advocate and which is felt very concretely on a daily basis in the work of our craftsmen.


Design or work on jewelry pieces, restoration, embellishment, engraving, setting… We have the necessary know-how to meet your most demanding needs. Why not meet us and tell us your needs?

If you finally want to create a tailor-made piece of jewelry, we will help you choose the material and stones. Then make your choice of stone in the workshop. Time for the creative process!


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