Antique jewelry may have sentimental value to you. This is why even if their expertise reveals significant value, you may want to keep them with you. However, manufacturing methods and techniques have evolved. Today's models and tastes are different from those of previous eras. So it is sometimes difficult to wear jewelry that is no longer suited to the aesthetics of our society.


It is possible to transform your jewelry so that it is a little more adapted to current fashion. This way, you keep your jewelry with sentimental or family value while still being able to wear it.
Indeed, our jewelers are specialists in jewelry creation.

This is why they will be able to be imaginative and advise you to help you find how to modify your jewelry if you don't have an idea in mind. Proposals will be made to you with models to better illustrate what we are thinking about. To begin with, we can suggest that you transform your jewelry into another type of jewelry. So an old brooch could very well be transformed into a beautiful engagement ring or other jewelry. Then we can suggest frame models if necessary or new decorations to add. Our experts are full of ideas and imagination. That is why they will undoubtedly find the result that you might like.

Of course, if you already have an idea, it is entirely possible to come and describe it to us or bring it to us in the form of drawings or photos. We can then discuss it to be sure that we have fully understood your idea. Then we can deduce the feasibility and make a quote.


At Fremont, the jewelry creation workshop is located within our jewelry store. It is therefore advantageous in the context of communication and collaboration with the craftsman. Indeed, proximity allows us to see the evolution of the jewelry entrusted to them but also to exchange more easily with them.

Each piece is in fact the subject of many hours of work since the jewelry is indeed modified or transformed with great care. We know that these jewelry items are important and should be handled with care. This is why when you entrust us with your precious jewelry, only experts take care of it.

It is only after having defined a clear transformation project with you that the work can begin. Our craftsmen may take several days or weeks to finish the work because we want the result to be perfect and exactly what you want.

You will then find a piece of jewelry like new, even more beautiful than before and reusable. It retains the rarity of its time while corresponding to today's beauty criteria.


This allows us to determine the quality and condition of the jewelry we are dealing with in order to know if it can be modified or not. Then comes the repair or cleaning stage. Old jewelry can be worn out from use and that is why it is refreshed by cleaning or polishing. If necessary parts can be replaced. Finally, transformations of jewelry are often made at the material level. They have the advantage of being able to be melted a large number of times. So they can be used to reform a new model of jewelry. Precious stones can also be modified. It is possible to dismantle them and resize them to make a different piece of jewelry. Many combinations are possible if the condition of the jewel allows it.

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